Fossil Butte National Monument

Fossil Butte National Monument

Fossil Butte National Monument












Fossil Butte National Monument is a united state national Monument controlled by using the countrywide Park carrier, located 15 miles (24 km) west of Kemmerer, Wyoming, u.s.a.. It centres on an amazing assemblage of Eocene Epoch (fifty-six to 34 million years in the past) animal and plant fossils associated with Fossil Lake—the smallest lake of the three extremely good lakes which had been then present in what are actually Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. the alternative two lakes had been Lake Gosiute and Lake Uinta. Fossil Butte National Monument becomes set up as a national monument on October 23, 1972.

Fossil Butte National Monument preserves the fine paleontological file of Cenozoic aquatic groups in North us and likely the world, inside the 50-million-yr-vintage green River Formation — the historical lake mattress. Fossils preserved — which include fish, alligators, bats, turtles, dog-sized horses, insects, and many different species of plant life and animals — advocate that the area changed into a low, subtropical, freshwater basin whilst the sediments gathered, over about a 2 million-year length.

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Coal mining for the railroad led to the agreement of the nearby town of Fossil, Wyoming. while the fossils had been found, miners dug them as much as sell to collectors. especially, Lee Craig bought fossils from 1897 to 1937. commercial fossil gathering isn’t allowed within the countrywide Monument, but several quarries on personal land nearby preserve to supply great fossil specimens, each for museums and for non-public collectors.

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The Fossil Butte National Monument traveller middle functions over eighty fossils and fossil casts on show off, inclusive of fish, a crocodile, turtle, bats, birds, bugs and plant life. A 13-minute video is proven approximately the fossils located at the site and what scientists have learned. Interactive famous allow visitors to create fossil rubbings to take home, and a pc application discusses fossils, geology and the cutting-edge natural records of the monument.


in the course of the summertime, lab employees put together fossils in public. summer season sports also encompass ranger packages, hikes, palaeontology and geology talks, and participation in fossil quarry collections for the park. Stingray prepared through R. Lee Craig (asterotrygon maloneyi). within the collection of Fossil Shack. prepared circa 1920.
A Junior Ranger program can be finished via kids elderly 5–12 (with sporting activities scaled to the kid’s age) in 3–four hours. A highlight is hiking three/four miles up the butte to the dig, where interns from the Geological Society of the usa speak approximately their excavation and allow kids help them flake apart sedimentary deposits to discover fish fossils and coprolites.

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