Mahendra Nath Temple

Mahendra Nath Temple

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This Mahendra Nath Temple is situated at around 40 km from Chhapra, Bihar. The directing divinity is Lord Shiva. It is trusted that the sanctuary was built up in Dwaparpur by Dnyanraj Vansasur for his little girl Usha.

Sivan Baba Mahendranath’s visit to the old Shiva sanctuary of the associates, situated on the outskirt of Bihar and UP in Siwan, does not return with hardly a penny. There are a great many lovers consistently here. The quantity of lovers increments in Savan. The sanctuary was worked by the King of Nepal. Individuals originate from Nepal notwithstanding Gopalganj, Chhapra, Motihari, Betiya, Muzaffarpur, Hajipur, Vaishali, Gaya, Ara, Kolkata, Jharkhand and UP for Darshan Poojan of Baba in Manhadar.

Previous Prime Minister Chandrashekhar, previous Chief Minister Lalu Prasad and previous Chief Minister Nitish Kumar have additionally ventured in here for satisfying their desire and have done RudraBhishek. There is an awesome association of individuals from here.

thirteenth Jyotirlinga are Baba Hansnath of Sohagra

Baba Hansnath’s acclaim of Sohagra Shiva sanctuary arranged in Gutani in Siwan is far and wide. It is trusted that the Mahendra Nath Temple was set up in Dwaparpur by Dnyanraj Vansasur for his girl Usha. The sanctuary has an extensive Shivling self, it is considered as thirteenth Jyotirlinga. It is trusted that the want of the child from the love of Monday until the long stretch of the month is finished. As per Jan Shruti, there is likewise prove that child of Hansdhvaj, Tungdhuj had worshipped in Sohagara sanctuary to get youngsters.

Mahendra Nath Temple Mythology

Mahendra Nath Temple is trusted that by virtue of consuming henna on Shivling, the kids and the skin patients dispose of the sickness. It is said that many years back the King had moved toward becoming uncleanliness. Urgent Rajapat left the Rajpath and strolled on to Siwan and achieved Chanwar in Gaislarpur town under Sivan piece. After the crap, they were searching for water to wash. They discovered grimy water in little pits.

The ruler was compelled to wash his hands with him. When the filthy water was lying on the panther hands, the injury of the hand and the panther vanished. At that point what was the ruler washing with a similar water and his uncleanliness finished. Afterwards, after the motivation of Lord Shiva in the fantasy, the ruler developed a gigantic Pokhara Khodwaya and Shiva Temple, which later ended up noticeably famous under the name of Hemchandra Shiva Mandir.

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