Tourist Places in Telangana at Warangal Rural

Tourist Places in Warangal Rural

Tourist Places in Warangal Rural










Warangal is generally favoured by voyagers from Hyderabad, Warangal. The go-to goal for sorts of voyagers, be it family, children and couples, Warangal is, be that as it may, generally favoured by Couple, Group. There are many Tourist Places in Warangal Rural. The best season or months to visit puts in Warangal are January, February, March, October, November, December. There is numerous vacationer puts in Warangal, which can be investigated by voyagers. Nearby attractions can be gone by whenever of the day, be it early morning, evening, night or night, as reasonable for explorers. Touring in Warangal should be possible by voyagers, which will take a large portion of a day or one day, however, to see all touring places, explorers need to remain in Warangal for 2 days to 3 days.

Amid the Kakatiyas rule the Capital of their kingdom was named as “ORUGALLU” or Ekashila Nagar i.e. The Fort Was worked with a solitary minimal stone and later on, it is called as ”Warangal’.

The Warangal was the old capital of kakatiyas administration, which was administered by numerous lords such as1.Beta Raja-I  Prola Raja-I, Beta Raja –II, Prola Raja – II, Rudra Deva, Mahadeva, Ganapathi Deva, Pratapa Rudra and, Rani Rurdrama Devi, who was the main lady ruler in Andhra. The Kakatiyas left numerous landmarks including the great Fortress, Four enormous stone passages, huge Shivate Sanctuary and huge lake. They constructed such a large number of Shivate sanctuaries and huge lakes for the water system.

After Kakatiyas, it came under the influence of Delhi Sultanate. The Nayaka Chieftains on catching they controlled over for a couple of years. After the end of the Nayakas, the Warangal turned out to be a piece of Bahmani sultanate of Golconda. Afterwards, it was added in the Mughal domain in 1687 and it turned into a piece of Hyderabad state in 1724. In conclusion, it participated in Govt. of free India in Sept 1948. In 1956, the District of Warangal turned into a piece of Andhra Pradesh under the State Reorganization Act being Telugu talking area. After independent Telangana unsettling, the Telangana State was shaped on second June 2014 and Warangal turned out to be a piece of Telangana State. Once more, after Re-association of Districts in Telangana State, the recent District “Warangal” has been bifurcated into five Districts.

The new District “Warangal (Rural)” has been framed on bifurcation from Warangal District because of the redesign of District by the Government of Telangana Vide G.O.Ms.No.232 Revenue (DA-CMRF) Dept. Dt.11.10.2016 and appeared wef 11.10.2016 and the District Collectorate is built up in Irrigation Circle Office principle building arranged at Nakkalagutta, Hanamkonda and is initiated by Sri Kadiam Srihari, Hon’ble Dy.Chief Minister of the State.

Tourist Places in Warangal Rural

Ekavira temple

Siva temple

Annaram Shareef Dargah

Phakhal Lake

Bheemuni Paadam Waterfall

Kakatiya Rock Garden

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Trikuta Temple

pembarthi Metal Craft

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