Tourist Places in Telangana at Warangal Urban

Tourist Places in Warangal Urban

Tourist Places in Warangal Urban












Warangal takes you back to the period of lords and rulers with its delightful chronicled locales and a great normal excellence with Parkhal Lake being worth looking at. There are many Tourist Places in Warangal Urban.

The Warangal city is credited as the fifth biggest city in this state. The legends have it that it was known as Oruguallu or Omtikonda or Ekasilanagaram predominantly because of the presence of a gigantic hillock which appeared to have been cut out totally off one stone. Warangal takes you back to the period of rulers and rulers with its wonderful recorded locales. Warangal common magnificence is no less noteworthy and the Parkhal Lake and untamed life asylums are additionally certainly worth looking at. Warangal likewise houses a National Institute of Technology(NIT) which has made it a celebrated understudy centre point today.

In chronicled times, Warangal was the capital of a Shaivaite kingdom that was led by the Kakatiya tradition from twelfth to the fourteenth hundreds of years. Its old name was Orugallu where Oru implies one and Kallu imply stone. The whole city was purportedly cut in a solitary shake, subsequently the name Orukallu that implies one shake.

The Kakatiyas constructed numerous landmarks, amazing fortification, huge stone doors, a sanctuary committed to Shiva, and furthermore the Ramappa sanctuary. The social refinement of the Kakatiyas was penned by the popular explorer Marco Polo. Ganapathi Deva, Prathapa Rudra, and Rani Rudrama Devi were among the principal rulers. It was involved by Bahmani Sultanate took after by the takeover of Mughal sovereign Aurangzeb and later in 1724, it had progressed toward becoming a piece of Telangana district. Warangal is very much associated with rail from Hyderabad, New Delhi, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Chennai. The city speaks to a group of three towns, for example, Warangal, Kazipet and Hanamkonda. The city is popular for some attractions.

Tourist Places in Warangal Urban

Warangal Fort

Thousand Pillar Temple

Pakhal Lake

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Kakatiya Rock Garden

Bhadrakali Temple

Ramappa Temple

Padmakshi Temple

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Ramappa Lake

Siddeshwara Temple

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